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I accomplished a lifelong goal of playing at least one round of golf on more than 1,000 different golf courses. I couldn't have done it without my Golf Card membership, which got me valuable cost savings and, just as importantly, provided me with course directions.
William H.
My husband, Jack, and I have been Golf Card members since 1986 and have enjoyed playing at so many great courses using our card. We now live in Florida and play all we can. Thank you for a great card and great magazine.
Barbara H.
In 1974 my wife, Fern, and I joined Golf Card and enjoyed many rounds of golf together. Although Fern passed away in 1984, I've played many rounds since then and have enjoyed good service at all the courses I've played.
A.R. Collins
The wife and I saved hundreds on golf and it hasn't even been a year since we joined. Thank you.
Thomas S.
Each year we travel to an area with the intention of using our Golf Card to find courses we might never have discovered without it. We've traveled to Canada, Alaska, Florida, Mexico and all places in between, always using the Golf Card to play courses along the way. Last year, we drove our motorhome to Gaylord, Michigan, playing golf 29 times using the Golf Card. We hope to continue to find new courses each year and return to our favorites. The Golf Card is the best investment we've ever made.
Kathy and Pat W.
My husband, David, and I have been members of the Golf Card since 1996 and thoroughly enjoy the great courses here in Michigan that we wouldn't otherwise play if we weren't members. We tell all our family, friends and business associates about the Golf Card.
Deb M
My wife and I purchased the Golf Card in anticipation of our retirement. We'd purchased a 33-foot fifth-wheel trailer and planned to play golf all over the United States. We thought you'd be interested to know that we've maintained a record of the courses and our savings as a result of using the Golf Card. Those savings, in less than eight months, are currently in excess of $1,000. Anyone who says the Golf Card isn't a good value needs to talk to us. We'll be happy set them straight.
William T.
We wouldn't be without this card, and we have lots of friends who feel the same way. My husband, Ralph, and I retired in 1985, and since then we've traveled in our motorhome to every state in the continental United States and most of the Canadian provinces, and we've played golf in almost all of them.
Loveita E. H.
My husband and I have been Golf Card members for a year. While we were skeptical at first, we've been extraordinarily pleased with our membership. In our first year as members, we saved over $2,000. We travel frequently for business and pleasure and have never had a problem using the Golf Card wherever we go. Thanks for making golf much more affordable.
Jacqueline F. E.
On our trip this summer, we used Golf Card nine times and were very pleased. The people at all the courses we traveled to were courteous. We followed the rules and called ahead for tee times. Only one day were we told that we couldn't use our Golf Card until the afternoon, and that was on a weekend. We weren't upset-weekends are very busy, even in small towns. The toughest course we played was Lake Powell National in Page, Arizona. All in all, we had a wonderful trip.
Carl and Betty E.
We retired and left Southlake, Texas, with the objective to "See the USA" and play golf several times a week. Two years later, we've each played 265 rounds of golf in 25 states. We've played courses in such Golf Card strongholds as the Pennsylvania Poconos, Myrtle Beach, the Golden Isles of Georgia, the Orlando area, Virginia's Shenandoah Valley and Gaylord, Michigan. Of those 265 rounds, 91 were played on courses that honored the Golf Card, affording us a savings of $2,790. We calculate that our two-year Golf Card investment has returned over 937 percent-a figure we would have been ecstatic to earn on our other retirement investments.
Bill and Martha T.
My husband, Frank, travels frequently on business, and I get to accompany him at least once a month. Along the way, we've golfed at affiliated courses in 17 states, from California to Maine, and have always encountered gracious and accommodating people, especially when we've called ahead for directions and tee times. Thanks to the Golf Card, we've experienced more of the "local flavor" of these areas. As long as we can swing a club, we'll be Golf Card members.
Pam B.
My husband, Bob, has been a Golf Card member for over 20 years and has enjoyed playing Golf Card courses from Canada to Arizona, and New York to Florida. He started playing golf at age 52 and is now playing with a 15-handicap. Over the years he has had holes-in-one on three different courses. In 1998 he shot his age on four different courses, including his home course, Muncie Elks, where he shot his age or better several times. He is 83 years young.
Pat H.
We've been Golf Card holders for more than 10 years, and our membership has been very useful to us. We have an Airstream trailer and are especially fond of playing affiliated courses by day and spending the nights in campgrounds along the way. We call ahead to make tee times, and usually golf courses are very accommodating. We play 18 holes, often having lunch after nine holes. Then we resume our travels to the next campground. In this way, we can cover about 300 miles per day and play 18 holes of golf. We've traveled this way about three months a year for the past 10 years or so.
Dr. J. Lamar W.
Thank you for the 17 years we've used Golf Card and the discounts we've received (over $10,000) playing at the many wonderful courses through the United States and Canada.
Bernard and Kathleen S.
I just wanted to inform you that upon playing golf with my Golf Card for the first time in Maryland, I got a hole-in-one! My wife and I got Golf Cards as Christmas presents from my wife's parents. They live in New York, and we played on the card several times over the summer in New York. But the first time I played here in my home state, at White Plains Golf Course, the hole-in-one happened. I've been playing golf for 25 years, and this is my first hole-in-one-and it was with the card!
Michael L.
We travel extensively and use our Golf Card often in the United States and Canada. We've tried other cards that offer golfing privileges, but Golf Card is the best.
Glenn and Pat G.
My husband and I have been Golf Card members since 1997 and are enjoying its privileges. During the winter we reside in Sun City, Arizona, and in the summer travel via our motorhome throughout the United States and Canada. During the past two years, we've played more than two dozen golf courses in Canada, from Cranbrook Golf Course in Cranbrook, British Columbia, to Beauty Bay Golf Course in Kenora, Ontario. We've also played the affiliated course in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Where else can you receive another shot (no penalty) if your ball hits a pig off the tee or a guide wire from the tee or fairway? I can't tell you how much we've enjoyed our Golf Card membership. Be assured, we'll continue routing our travels so we can golf more Golf Card courses. If sometime you should see a 34-foot Pinnacle motorhome towing a silver 1995 Camry, it's us heading for a Golf Card affiliated golf course!
Linda and David C.